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Don't pay for premium space to store your files and valuable resources. Scan and access them any time anywhere.


Retain documents for 7 years or more, to meet your financial or legal obligations while still saving space, whether on or off site.

Phoenix Document Solutions provides you with a seamless transition from paper to Digital File Management!


We collect your documents from your office location and store them for free in a safe and secure environment for scanning. This gives you instant access to free space made available to re-utilise in employing more staff or downsizing to a smaller office to save rental costs for example.


We guarantee to:

• Take care of your data as if it were our own

• Keep your data safe and secure whilst it is in our care

• Resolve any problems if they occur

• Complete the scanning within agreed budget and timescales

• Recommend solutions fit for purpose

• Provide the best service available


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Comprehensive Document Imaging and Scanning Services

Need to create some office space?

You CAN if you SCAN with Phoenix!

Document Management



Manage your files and data effectively with tried and tested market leading software. Create a simple but completely secure system to store, scan, index and search your documents in!

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Phoenix Document Solutions Offers:

• Flexible scanning solutions tailored for and by your needs

• Quality service that you can trust

• Free storage for documents in a safe, alarmed environment

• Guaranteed confidentiality as outlined by the Data Protection Act

• Transportation from you to us, without use of 3rd parties

• Instant access to your documents from our secure repository

• Comprehensive data logs for every scanning project we complete

• Document management and retrieval for paperless operation

• Free demonstration to show how your document will appear

• Quality control measures to check and validate each page

• Security and compliance with data handling regulations

• Destruction or storage of your documents once scanned

• Secure online backup and encryption options for peace of mind










• Save time

• Save money

• Save space

• Find and share

 documents easily

• Protect documents


• Increase productivity

• Raise efficiencies




Print fades over time,

Scans don't!